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Founder & Producer

Finance & Operations

Head of Production

Team Motivator

Recently dubbed Searchin Lerchen on set, he's always looking for the next project while simultaneously piecing together the various aspects of a production, during all phases of a films life. 

Our Ace up our sleeve, Austin handles much of the thankless background processes for the company that's crucial to guiding the ship away from rocks. Austin remains an essential piece in structuring and transforming our proverbial sailboat into a destroyer. 

Keep an eye on this one, or you'll miss his shapeshifting as he slips from one department to another. Nick is the ultimate crew pleaser and man of action, no task is beneath him. Ultimately, he aims to make the best product while creating a memorable experience for the entire team. 

You won't find her on set, but you may encounter our furry feline in the office during your next visit. In her free time, she enjoys a combination of sitting on keyboards and begging to be cast as the lead in our next film. 

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