A Social Contract

Forever Safe Productions has teamed up with Mad Honey Productions and The Chameleon Effect for the upcoming film A Social Contract. The movie is directed by Jason Mac and completed principle photograpy in Chicago summer of 2022.

Starring Sean Astin, Domenica Cameron-Scorsese & Craig Parker

Crime Noir

Peter Five Eight

Forever Safe Productions was a production partner for the upcoming film Peter Five Eight, written and directed by Michael Hall. Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 

Starring Kevin Spacey, Jet Jandreau, Rebecca De Mornay & Jake Weber

Somni Poster Concept Updated.jpg


Forever Safe Productions has purchased the rights to MJ Slide's original screenplay Somni. We're currently working on rewrites and various aspects of development.

If - World of Science

A Woman's World

Forever Safe Productions is currently developing an adaptation of a world of science-fiction story. For now, we're keeping this one buttoned up.

The Gates.png

The Gates

Forever Safe Productions has teamed up with Paul Thompstone of Studio Atlantic and Mad Honey Productions for the upcoming film The Gates, which is directed by Stephen Hall and wrapped filming in Ireland February 2022.

Starring John Rhys-Davies, Richard Brake, Michael Yare & Elena Delia

The Kindness of Strangers

The Kindness of Strangers

Forever Safe Productions has teamed up with Brad Riddell and Sandy Sternshein of Wry Mash Media to bring Katrina Kittle's novel The Kindness of Strangers to the big screen.  We're slated to shoot in Chicago Spring 2023. Meryl Streep Lab and Black List Lab fellow Anna Hozian is penning the script. Domenica Cameron-Scorsese is attached to direct. 


Holiday World

Forever Safe Productions has teamed up again with Jason Mac for the original thriller screenplay Holiday World. A group of misfit friends are confronted by their past and future as they fight for survival while locked overnight at the local amusement park.

A Sweet Goodbye

A Sweet Goodbye

Forever Safe Productions is working with Pamela Wallace, the Academy Award winning screenwriter of Witness, to bring this thriller to life. Emmy winner Misha Segal  is attached to co-produce and score the film.